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Voice Changer, Sound Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 6768 ratings )
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Developer: MULIAN LI
Current version: 1.6, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 27 Jun 2015
App size: 37.02 Mb

A fabulous Voice Changer is coming to you!

Discard the boring recorder! It’s time for you to change your voice. With Voice Changer, you can record sounds and directly apply special effects to make it amazing. If you are a girl, you may wish to sound like a man to joke with your friends. Have Fun!

Sound like: girl, man, woman, turtle and rabbit.
Add background sound: echo, fan, raining, wuthering wind, monstrous, folk music, phone, haunting and etc.

Stunning Features:
- Realtime record everything
- A variety of cool sound effects
- Built-in fabulous effects allows you to change directly
- Easily edit your recording file
- Instantly share them with your friends

Pros and cons of Voice Changer, Sound Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

Voice Changer, Sound Recorder app good for

Fun to change your voice. Used this for some telephone pranks lately. No worries, just prankish my pals! ;)
Fun app. Does what it says it does. With there were more options.
I love this app because you can make you and whoever you want to sound funny, I rate it 5 stars!
Good job the changer really did change my voice and it work amazing I even put it in one of my YouTube videos
Its sooooooo cute with the little girl but I wish full version was free...
Its so cool for doing role plays and stuff and funny to change your voice

Some bad moments

App developers that will accept criticism would definitely earn my sale and respect! Greedy app developers will never earn it!
This is the most ridiculous and pointless app. There are only a few options to choose from.
The app is ok but when you buy the extra, its $2.00 Dollars and you only get one thing and that thing you can get at any other editing app for free. :(
They put the girls voices super high pitch which is nothing like real ones and the boy and the man are the same and the grampa is the only thing good
Like the title says, way too many ad interruptions. Not to mention, the app is EXTREMELY limited unless you buy the pay version.
Does what its supposed to I guess, but you spend more time watching ads then using the dang app.

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